Pioneer Energy Services uses Thru for Managed File Transfer

Founded in 1968 as Pioneer Drilling Company, Pioneer Energy Services provides land contract drilling and production services. Pioneer Energy Services drills in the United States and Columbia and services oil and gas producing regions in the United States and the Gulf of Mexico with state-of-the-art industry equipment. Pioneer Energy Services shares files and collaborates with many partners to direct drilling production for oil and natural gas.

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“From an IT perspective, we really have very limited involvement, which is exactly what we were aiming for.”

Ron Reyes
IT Manager

Case Study


THE CHALLENGE: Secure Transfers and Management of Large Files

Pioneer Energy Services provides contract drilling and production services to the oil and gas industry. Their wireline operation services measures formation properties in oil and gas wells through electrical lines of wire to share with global partners and customers. The logs created by these measurements can be 2-3 gigabytes in size, leading Pioneer Energy Services in search of a managed file transfer solution, motivated by these problems:

  • Log files being too large to reliably send to staff and customers from well sites
  • Inefficiency when sending files from remote locations with faulty connection
  • IT department not sufficient to host their own 24/7 file transfer solution
  • Data being stored on discs, external drives, and using paper processes making quick data retrieval difficult
CS-Business Value

BUSINESS VALUE: Increased Production and Decreased IT Overhead

Pioneer selected Thru as its managed file transfer solution for its ability to handle large file sizes and its ease-of-use. “Thru has delivered on what was promised to us and we’ve been very satisfied with the product,” says Business Systems Manager, Ron Reyes. He states that Pioneer is experiencing greater satisfaction from their internal staff and customers, stronger service reliability, and reduced IT costs.

  • Ability to send files of any size 24/7 across the globe has considerably saved time and company resources
  • Users are finding Thru’s interface easy to use, resulting in virtually no additional training
  • Excellent ROI with reduced IT costs, improved customer service and no internal infrastructure required

THRU SOLUTION: Managed File Transfer, Large and Secure File Transfer

  • Ease of Use – Pioneer has enjoyed Thru’s easy-to-use interface because of its simple functionality. Having connectors to applications such as Outlook and Salesforce adds convenience maintains a simple workflow. Users can send emails with a secure link that allows the recipient to download any size file.
  • Access Anywhere, Anytime – To increase global file transfer speed, Thru has data centers around the world where transferred files are mirrored to selected locations for low latency uploads and downloads. This is essential for Pioneer’s wireline operations to efficiently send large files globally.
  • Security – Thru is built from the ground up with security protection in mind and has never experienced a breach. Complete tracking of every file in the system gives assurance of who has seen corporate data and when. Multiple certifications for data centers combined with extensive network and application security offer peace of mind.
  • Administration – Consolidating files and folders into one portal important for enterprises that need to secure and streamline processes. Users of Thru, like Pioneer, utilize a number of security features to simply the management of multiple users, groups, and files in the system.

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